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Community    |    Articles of interest to the community.

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published on 11/02/2006


By Contributed Article

You are cordially invited to attend our Free monthly educational meetings the third Sunday of each month from 2 - 4 p.m. at Miller-Motte Technichal College (MMTC).

November 06 - February 07 Schedule:

Sunday, November 19, at Miller-Motte 2-4 pm

"Improve your health thru Feng Shui!"
Presented by Sue Ruzuika PhD, and Elaine Paris -

(SPECIAL NOTE: Sue and Elaine will be on radio 93.2 on Nov. 15th at 9am and will talk about the lecture!! Open to public!! Please support!!! )

Feng Shi is the study of natural and man-made energy patterns that surround you. How these energy patterns interface with your life can and do influence your health! Although several sources contribute to nurturing the chi flow in the body, one of the main sources of stress is the environment. People are stressed and that compromises the body and our health. We will take a look at how our living and work spaces connect to our physical well being. By being aware of our space we can use adjustments as a preventative measure to keep ourselves well. Keeping ourselves well is the best way to work with our health.

BIO: Feng Shui experts, Sue Ruzicka, Ed.D. and Elaine Paris have each been practicing Feng Shui full-time since 1992 and have consulted with over 3,500 clients. Both are senior students of H.H. Professor Thomas Lin Yun, Supreme Grandmaster of Black Sect Feng Shui. In addition: Sue is a Bau-biologist who works on creating healthy living spaces and a Heart Coach. Elaine is a master dowser who uses her skill to detect and redirect noxious energy zones. They have published numerous articles and booklets on Feng Shui and have lectured throughout the United States and Internationally. They are available for Feng Shui consultations and Space Clearings. To schedule your appt call 1-. They can also be reached at .
December 2006 -- NO Meeting - Enjoy the Holidays!


January 21, 2007

"Fibromyalgia: Causes and Effective Treatments" Presented by Dr. Terry Smith, MD

Dr. Terry Smith MD is one the most knowledgeable and experienced physicians in this part of the country on prevention and wellness through nutrition, detoxification and finding the true causes of disease. Dr. Smith, MD understands the bio-chemistry behind Fibromyalgia and the role that chemicals, heavy metals and nutrients play in recovery from this disease. Don't miss this one time opportunity to hear an expert on Fibromyalgia. Dr. Smith, MD will also cover information that will be of value for all of us interested in staying healthy.

February 18, 2007

"Tapping into the Power of Dreams" Presented by Lilan Laishley, PhD

We all dream when we are sleeping. But how do we remember them? And what do they mean? This talk will cover the basics of dreaming starting with the importance of dreams as a doorway to our inner life, the power of the unconscious mind, the messages dreams give us about our everyday life, how to encourage and record dreams, and the different levels of dreaming. We will talk about the many possible methods to interpret these messages from the nighttime world, including a simple, but valuable technique you can use immediately.

BIO: Lilan Laishley, PhD is a holistic counselor and life coach with a healing arts studio in Chattanooga. She works with individuals and groups to support wellness of the whole self by integrating the body, mind, spirit, and emotion. She has extensive experience in working with dreams, both personally and with her clients. For more information go to or phone .

DIRECTIONS: Take I-75 to Hwy 153 North, exit toward Chickamauga Dam/Airport. Go several miles north on Hwy 153. Take the Shallowford Road exit (near all car places). Turn right on Shallowford Road. Take 1st right (between Budget Car sales & Daewoo Car sales). Pass Budget & WFLI. Miller Motte is the last building on the left (it is visible from Hwy 153)

For more info, email Tami or .


Jean Terry
Q: Tell me about how you got started in your work?

A: My interest in alternative health started from my own personal struggles and accelerated several years ago with a desperate attempt to help a friend who was dying from colon cancer. Although I was unable to help him, it birthed a burning desire to find out what we are doing wrong that there is so much sickness around us. My (48-page) preventative health booklet is a result of all the information I gained.

Here's a few of the events people have requested to be placed in this email or on the CHEO Calendar. These are not CHEO sponsored. More complete info at our web:

EarthCare’s 10th Annual Fall Retreat

Saturday, November 4, 2006 9:30am – 2:00pm - Pot Point House at the Tennessee River Gorge - Topic: “Practicing a Sense of Place”

We hope you will be able to join us for a relaxing autumn day of spiritual retreat in the beautiful Tennessee River Gorge, one of God’s wonderful creations here in the Tennessee Valley. (Free Meal Provided)

Pre-registration is required due to limited space. To register, contact Jerry Faulkner: or John Rossing: . Directions: Visit our website at:


Knoxville: Touch for Health® Kinesiology 4¹
11/4-5/06, $225 early paid registration or $250 late, 15 CEU hours.

Charles West, LMT - Touch For Health® Kinesiology Association Certified Instructor, Info & Registration at: or call .


Komyo Reiki on four consecutive Monday evenings beginning November 6.

Komyo Reiki Workshop: Shoden (First Degree)

7-9pm continuing November 13, 20 & 27, 7-9pm. Komyo or “Enlightenment Reiki” is Reiki as it was practiced in Japan before the Second World War. The focus is on spiritual growth and self healing rather than practitioner training. Shoden will be offered on four consecutive Monday evenings. North Chattanooga. $80. Pre-registration and deposit are required.

Please call Margaret at or visit our website at for additional information.



Presented at Stillpoint Health Associates
Tuesday, November 7, 2006 - 6:30 PM

Learn what may be in your air, your furniture, your clothing, your food, your water, your heating and air conditioning systems, even your walls that could be harmful to your health. Discover solutions to these problems lurking in your home.

RSVP: June Drennon or Linda Althoff if you are attending because of limited seating.

SELF-DISCOVERY SEMINAR -- Presented by Sheila Pope

Please join us for learning and fun on Thursday November 9th 2006 from 6pm-8pm at the South Chattanooga Complex and Recreation Center. (Civic Center in St. Elmo). For more info or to be put on the reserved seating list please call . There is no fee to attend. (Email: )

Enlightening Seminar focusing on the Value of Loving Oneself. Take part in this uplifting and attitude changing discussion that benefits the body, mind and spirit. Receive hope and healing tools from humorist and motivational speaker in the tri-state area Ms. Sheila Pope.


BRUNO GROENING Circle of Friends -- first meeting.

Healing Circle to meet monthly is just beginning here in Chattanooga. You're invited to experience the energy and become involved in the planning. Group leader is Anne Morrissey: , . Please plan to attend the first meeting at Merry Johnson's home: Thursday Nov, 9 at 6:30 pm. See CHEO calendar page for more info and directions to Merry's house (Mountain Creek Apartments, E59). Her ph: .


Global Warming Task Force

Regular Monthly Meeting is second Thursday of each month, 7 pm at Warner Park Zoo. Thurs. Nov 9, 7 p.m. Group is chapter of national Interfaith Power & Light. See TN Chapter web: Refreshments served. This is the local Global Warming group and meeting focuses this month on SOLAR ENERGY. Spread the word! Free and open to people of all faiths and beliefs. Contact: Sandy Kurtz: or .


CBN -- CHEO Business Network meeting scheduled for Friday, Nov. 10th, 12 noon - 1pm at Stillpoint Health Associates office. (see above) For more info: June Drennon or Linda Althoff , also the CHEO CBN info page.


November 11, 2006 CHIONS Meeting, 10:30 A.M-12:00 noon

Integrative Medicine, Nutrition and Treatment - presented by Dr. Charles Adams

Dr. Adams believes that what is alternative medicine today will be mainstream practice tomorrow. A practitioner of both traditional and alternative medicine, Dr. Adams will describe ways of staying healthy so that we are less likely to need people like him. He will recommend supplements and other treatments that can reduce the likelihood of or the painful results from many physical conditions
or diseases.

Where: Unitarian Universalist Church, 3224 Navajo Drive. And visit our website at


T’ai Ji Workshop with Living Tao Teacher Chris Campbell. Saturday November 11th 10:00am to 5:00pm; $80.00 with lunch included. At: Reflection Riding Arboretum & Botanical Garden in Chattanooga TN

Sacred Grounds are the location for this healing experience into T’ai Ji. Working with the form, philosophy, poetry, healing qualities and calligraphy of T’ai Ji, this fun & well-rounded workshop will connect the body, mind and spirit with the practice of T’ai Ji.

Contact Chris to confirm participation and for any dietary requirements for lunch. or . Contact for lodging information.


Yamuna Body Rolling -- NOVEMBER 11 -- Take ONE or BOTH of these age-defying Workshops!

12-1:45 pm: Foundation Matters. You will learn how knee, ankle, & foot problems can be corrected or prevented. De-torque the knee and chase away those arthritis blues!

2-4 pm: How NOT to Look Your Age. You will learn how to prevent and or reverse the most common age-related posture faults! Hunched shoulders, rounded shoulders with head forward “chicken neck”, stiff neck, pot belly & back ache.

For more information or call ClearSpring at 423.266.3539.


Acupressure and More for Stress
Acupressure points, meridians, reflexes and more. Techniques for clients, family and friends. TN MLB approved for 6 hours continuing education -- 11/11/06 in Knoxville - $89 early paid registration or $99 late*

Charles West, LMT - Touch For Health® Kinesiology Association Certified Instructor, Info & Registration at: or call


Japanese Reiki Techniques
Saturday, November 18 from 10 am - 5 pm. This workshop is for Reiki practitioners who have completed Reiki I and II with a qualified Reiki
teacher. New Class. Cost is $80.

This is a special Japanese Reiki Techniques class.
Please call Margaret at or visit our website at for additional information.


Intensive Fermentation Workshop -- At Sequatchie Cove Farm November 18th. POTLUCK LUNCH starting around 11:45 Central. Bring a side dish or your fermentation experiments.

Sandor Katz (author of 2 books on subject) – will be leading the Fermentation workshop -- we will start with a potluck lunch and then will start cutting around 1:00 (CENTRAL TIME). After Sandor’s presentation folks from Sequatchie Cove Farm will share their work with meat and cheese fermentation. If you have been wanting to catch some fermentation fever or just wondering what Food Culture is all about you should be here. We will cover everything you need to know about how to ferment your own foods at home, and what is going on in the fermentation Culture around the world. For more info on fermentation and Sandor Katz visit his web site

Cost: $25.00/per person : We are limiting the number of participants so let us know early if you are coming. This will be a great day – Email or Call; Bill Keener - , or call .


CHEO Educational Monthly Meeting, Sunday Nov. 19, on Feng Shui and Your Health. (see above) Please plan to attend!


CHEO has an IMMEDIATE NEED for volunteers with our Alternative Health Fair Drawing/Auction. We need folks who can make phone calls and help address envelopes. THANKS!

(this is a section for members to ask others in alternative health in the area about job openings, post jobs, house availability, notes of interest and etc!)


New Member Camissa McCurdy (who helped greatly with Alternative Health Fair) and who just moved to the area from Atlanta writes:

My ideal job in the Chattanooga area includes coaching, facilitating, training and writing in a positive work environment. I have a B.A. in Psychology and an M.Ed. in Community Counseling, and I’ve just graduated from the Thomas Leonard Coaching School. As part of my current job responsibilities, I’ve been a corporate trainer for 11 years and been a team leader/project manager for departmental projects for 7 years, and I’ve written and edited departmental materials and manuals for 8 years.


Sarah Meek owner of The Massage For Stress (Hwy 58), and CHEO board member writes:

I have an immediate need for a therapist. If there is any way possible to let cheo folks know that the MFS is looking for a wonderful therapist I would appreciate greatly. Have them call me or fax resume to .
Thanks Sarah


CHEO member Patricia Zapatka asked that we forward this...

By Byron J. Richards, CCN August 24, 2006

On Friday, August 18, 2006, the FDA approved a viral cocktail to be sprayed on foods we eat. This is the first time viruses have been approved for use as food additives. The FDA wants you to believe it will be safe to consume these viruses every day for the rest of your life with no adverse health effects. Not surprisingly, the FDA doesn't want you to know which foods are adulterated in this manner, for fear you may not buy them; thus, no labeling will be required. This is a onumental announcement by the FDA, indicating they are throwing all caution to the wind regarding the safety of our food supply.

Yes, the FDA plans to use one infectious organism to fight another. The carnage of battle will end up in your digestive tract along with the victorious live viruses, which the FDA assures us will not attack human cells. However, they cannot possibly be certain the viruses will not attack the friendly bacteria that make up the lining of your digestive tract. And they want you to believe this is completely safe while refusing to require the additive viruses to be listed on the food label so that you would have a choice. (The FDA-approved cocktail contains six different viruses intended to attack one strain of bacteria).

This concoction is then sprayed on food. If Listeria is present in the food, the bacteria will ingest the viruses. This results in massive viral replication inside the bacteria, until such point as the bacteria simply bursts. This battle results in significant production of bacterial poisons called "endotoxins", as the bacteria tries to defend itself. When the bacteria burst, these endotoxins are released. These, along with the victorious live viruses, will now be on the food that will be eaten. Another question: Will the FDA diligently monitor the quality of this product once it is on the market, or will it go the path of many FDA-approved drugs that the agency can't keep track of? There is certainly a risk that humans will be exposed to excessive amounts of endotoxin. This could come from the manufacturing of the viral cocktail, the interaction of the viruses with bacteria after being sprayed on food, and/or the interaction of the viruses with bacteria in the digestive tract.

The human immune system is highly reactive and sensitive to bacterial endotoxins. They provoke allergy, asthma, autoimmune problems, and elevate cholesterol. They also interfere with the healthy function of cells lining the digestive tract. Researchers have demonstrated that the presence of bacterial endotoxins can start cancer in the colon .

What will this reaction be? Allergy? Asthma? Autoimmunity? Cancer? How can the FDA approve a food additive that it knows can induce a variety of human immune responses? Phages are so good at disrupting normal immunity that they are being considered for use as part of organ transplant medicine.

Keep in mind that the FDA wants to conduct this experiment on our food supply to protect a small minority, only about 2500 people, who are made seriously ill by this infection each year. The ill are mostly pregnant women, elderly with compromised immunity, and small children. It would be a lot more to the point if the FDA would simply warn such people that eating these foods, due to their poor quality of production, may be dangerous. What the FDA should really do is improve the quality of our food supply, the true source of the problem. Why expose millions of Americans to an unproven ingestion of live viruses for the benefit of so few?

The Tip of an Iceberg

Intralytix has an agenda for the American food supply, as well as for healthcare in general. This recent FDA ruling allows Intralytix and other similar biotech companies to get their foot in a door that should be slammed shut and bolted closed. The company is also seeking FDA approval for viral sprays to treat foods that could be contaminated with E. coli and Salmonella, which means that similar "trained" viruses could end up in a majority of the protein foods in our food supply.



Here are the dates for the Larry King Interviews with many of the teachers from the phenomenally successful movie "The Secret".

Be aware that this particular show is in 2-Parts each with separate people interviewed in each show.

=> Part 1 to air Thursday 2nd Nov 2006

=> Part 2 to air Thursday 16th Nov 2006

=>> Guests on Part 1,
Thursday 2nd Nov 2006 :

* Bob Proctor
* John Assaraf
* JZ Knight
* Rev Michael Beckwith
* Dr. John DeMartini

=>> Guests on Part 2,
Thursday 16th Nov 2006 :

* James Ray
* Jack Canfield
* Joe Vitale
* George Pratt
* Jayne Payne

I strongly suggest you watch and record *both* shows, as every guest is worth hearing. And please forward this to anyone you feel will want to be in on these life changing shows. It's all about changing your life by changing your mind.

"You Become What You Think About"
-- The Secret

Thanks and Blessings,

Tami Freedman (& all CHEO!)

Please if you would like to contribute or find content that is inaccurate.

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