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Hats Off    |    by
Column dedicated to sharing news about community activities, service projects, and other events that are important to the life of the residents of our "mountain."

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published on 11/20/2004

Hats off . . . . to the Calendar of Events

By staff writer

Jennifer Swing (daughter), Wesley Jordan
sister-in-law), Debbie Shartle (daughter-in-law), and Me
Quite often I am inspired by the books I read or the magazines I subscribed to or even the journal I keep. When preparing for this month’s column, I wanted to focus on the many organizations up here on the mountain. At first I made a list of the one’s I’m aware of and at once I became overwhelmed with the number of worthy organizations going about their work making a contribution to the communities on the “mountain.” If I listed them, I’d surely forget one and then I remembered the Calendar of Events posted in each paper. They are already listed!

Another example I follow is my instinct when something keeps popping into my head or in front of me from out of no-where. I recently cleaned out a file cabinet to make room for some of the material I’m gleaning from this new position on the paper. In doing so I found a file that had notes generated back in 2000 when we were brainstorming the Signal Mountain Community Web Site Scrawled across the top of a sheet of paper was a quote by Margaret Mead. Then the next day, I turned to an article in a favorite magazine, and there it was again. Twice in two days was enough for me. Here is what Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Here change is a good thing in that it means growth in mind, body, and spirit; looking at things from a different perspective.

There are at least twenty-five organizations, clubs, boards, councils, and various other entities that meet at least once a month. Add to that list the special committees and boards related to the business of the towns on our mountaintop and the schools and churches and one cannot help but realized that there are a lot of committed citizens up here on Walden’s Ridge. I would venture a guess that if one walked outside their front door and looked up and down the street a host of neighbors would admit to volunteering or belonging to one organization or another. Just within a small radius around my house, I came up with ten names of people I could identify with some group or another.

The point is you too can make a difference within our community. Look at the Calendar of Events listed each month, exercise some thought in participating in something, and then take action to do so. If there is no contact number email me and I’ll find one for you. If your organization is not listed and you would like it to be, then contact me. Look inside each paper for related articles concerning the many organizations. Become active and in doing so you will reap the benefits many times over. Everyone benefits and maybe in the process we can change the world.

A word of apology. We are all human and from time to time we make mistakes. Two occurred in the October issue of the Signal Mountain Mirror, which I would like to apologize for. The first is leaving out Jonnie LaFoy’s name. Pictured with the 2004-05 PTA officers at SMMS, Jonnie is the PTA Treasurer. The other mistake is one of misunderstanding. At the September SM Town Council meeting citizens addressed the Town Council with concern over speeding within the Town limits. This concern was tied into the recent accident in front of the middle school where the perception was that the driver was at fault. Vice-mayor Bill Leonard pointed out during the meeting, which I should have reported on, that the driver was not at fault, was in fact driving the posted speed limit, and that the accident was just that – an unfortunate accident. PNS