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Signal Mountain Historic District Newsletters and Events
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published on 07/21/2003

Old Towne Spring Newsletter

By Marian Riggar

Some of you may have heard through the grapevine that Jack and I are moving off Signal Mountain in late summer. Consequently, I will no longer serve as our unofficially appointed chairman. If you read my article “To Jane: A Tribute,” you will recall that I talked about how much working with my neighbors for the Old Towne Association has enriched my life, and, without meaning to “toot my own horn,” I am very proud of what we have accomplished and am truly grateful to all of you who contributed to the street signs. Each time a check arrived I was as excited as though wedding gifts were arriving. I love the signs and hope that they will help foster pride in this very special part of the mountain.

I want to make a few points clear so that all of you will know the status of our association.

Loose Ends

1.I will leave my notebooks in Robert White’s office. The Whites will not be able to take over the organization but can be counted on for support.

2.Margo Gardner has created a database of names, etc. I will leave all paper supplies in her care.

3.I will leave Jane’s address box and a newly done membership letter with Margo. Gloria Montgomery at our October meeting agreed along with Carol Smith to form a welcoming committee. If they are able they can contact Margo. I will drop off membership letters to join at as many of the new neighbors as I can.

4.I will leave the flags with Linda McGann and the Christmas lights from 2001. I hope that Jay Casavant will repeat the Halloween decoration of the Trolley. Paul Tyner has been very nice about use of electricity and water. New American Flags will be up for July 4.

5.I will remove my name from the Old Towne Home and Garden Tour account at AmSouth on June 1st. Anne Ozburn is also on this account. In 1998 AmSouth – Signal Mtn. branch gave us a free checking account and $300 to launch our first home tour. I will ask Margo to sign on the checking account in my place.

6.I will leave information about our notecards with the Shartles at the Grapevine. They have been super to help sell our cards and to do a webpage, but they cannot take over the organization. If they want to work with Donna and Terry at Webbco, cards can be ordered but should be paid for in advance. The Marrcrest CD-ROM is also available and its proceeds help our account.

7.If you live close to a sign, I hope you will feel free to landscape the base and tend it.

8.I hope someone might donate plants for the two pots at the Trolley. Paul Tyner will share his water.

Fund Raising Efforts

1.The monies raised via the two home tours, approximately $3,500, were used toward the well, banner poles, flags, the street signs in the Triangle Garden, postage and invitations for the Christmas supper, the parade, and the printing/postage costs of the letter campaign for the street signs.

2.We cleared $3000 from the Christmas Supper, which formed the basis for the street signs funding.

3.Ninety-four of the 160 listed Old Towne members contributed toward the street sign campaign. Thirty-four outside the area contributed.

4.Large gifts were made by Signal Mtn. Presbyterian Church—2 signs; Alexian Village—2 signs; Mtn. City Realtors—1 sign ($600 per sign).

5.I sent letters to the 30 businesses near us (Ridgeway/Taft, etc.) and had one gift from Signal Mtn. Cleaners.

6.Jason Farmer has submitted my proposal to the Chamber of Commerce for a sign at Texas. That decision is still pending.

7.I asked again for help from Alexian to honor Brother Cajetan. That decision is pending.

8.I sent letters to residents on Marr Drive to invite them to join our associate and to give for a sign there. I received three responses.

9.I sent letters to those residents on Ballard Bluff not already in the organization. I received one response for a full street sign from the Huntzingers.

10.I sent 6 personal letters and received one response from the Guerrys for two stop signs.

The New Leader??

I do hope that someone will come forward and I will share all I know. It may be that what you all really want is for the Kellys to continue to host a summer social. Pat and Kathleen worked with Jane, and if people put enough money in the basket, the party costs will be covered. It is postage that really will eat up the funds.

The Mountain Arts Community Center (MACC) is available as a meeting place, and Dr. Dudley at Signal Mtn. Presbyterian Church is very interested in helping and will make the church available . . . so, I hope some of you will step up, call a meeting and restructure the organization. At the fall meeting I proposed a calendar and explained in detail the location, etc. about the street signs. I had hoped to do so much more, but I know it is best for me to step aside now. It would be a good idea to have Webbo print a postcard to save on costs. Talk to Donna.

Final Account

Ollie Benton turned in $100 from Jane’s account. That added to specific donations made to the organization will leave a balance at AmSouth of about $200. All signs and plaques will have been paid in full. My name will be removed from the account. It is important to me to remind you of the January Mirror article and my concern to have been a faithful steward of our account and this fundraising drive. I hope with a few more members there will be enough for an emergency repair. Someone hit and broke a sign at the well, costing $85.

My Best Wishes

I have loved our neighborhood and surely I have walked countless miles here—probably to “blame” for my desire to make our intersections more attractive—and I would have loved to have completed the District. However, acquiring 25 street signs and 9 yield/stop signs is certainly no small feat. Robert and Charlotte told me that this tribute to them is the nicest thing anyone has done for them. I just love to see a happy banner at the Trolley and our wonderful sign by the stone post of the Trolley with its historical marker. This is such a unique community!

Best regards,

P.S. A special thanks to Susan Collins, who has been my personal assistant with all correspondence.

One last thing—I actually hate asking for money, but I’m glad I helped make these signs, etc. happen. If you did not give or could do more, please send checks payable to Old Town Home and Garden Tour. I’d love to see one where Signal Mtn. Blvd. crosses James. Robert will be a contact person with Wayne and Tim at Creative Lawn and Lighting when I am off the account.

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