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published on 12/01/2000

December 2000 Signal Mountain Town Council Meeting

By staff writer

All members of the town council were present including the town manager, town attorney, and town recorder. Also present was Judge Mark Rothberger who swore in Diana Campbell as the new town recorder.

The minutes of the November 13th meeting and November 27th continuation of the Public Hearing regarding the Land and Transportation Plan were approved.

Robert White and Erin Grist updated the town council on the progress of the Old Towne District being designated as a Historic District. The Tennessee State Historical Commission in Nashville has reviewed the application and sent it back for revision.. The newly revised application is due February 5th. After that is approved, it will be sent to the National Historic Registry in Washington DC. According to Ms Grist, once there is approval at the state level, national approval is almost automatic. When asked why do this, Mr. White assured the council that it was to honor Mr. James and Mr. Marr and added that it would be a very nice thing to happen to the Town of Signal Mountain. Eighty-one percent of the structures in Old Towne are considered contributing structures and would be listed in the national registry. Once established no rights of the individual homeowners will be affected. Mr. White assured the councilmembers that this would be a positive experience for the homeowners. This event is set to be announced in May when members of the State Historic Commission will be in the Town of Signal Mountain to walk through the district.

The second reading of the Land Use and Transportation Plan was approved by a majority vote. Later in the meeting when citizens were given an opportunity to speak, one citizen expressed his concern with the passing of this ordinance that to him it seemed that the town was focusing more on developing the mountain than preserving it.

A second ordinance was passed allowing the Planning Commission to increase its membership to not less than nine, but not more than ten members. This request came from the commission, which would like to invite former Councilmember Brendin Olin to be a member of the commission, which he previously served on representing the town council. Mr. Olin has not been asked to serve but has agreed to serve if asked.

The third ordinance up for approval came from the Design Review Committee asking the councilmembers to make a recommendation concerning directional off road signs. Since no one from the committee was present, the council decided to defer this issue.

Citizens of Signal Mountain, Alan Derthick and John Witherspoon made a presentation of donated property to the Town of Signal Mountain. This is land along Signal Mountain Boulevard as you come up the mountain approximately between Shoal Creek Road and what is the land behind the St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church on Mississippi Avenue. On the other side of the property is Marr Avenue. This land, about 12 acres, is being given as a conservation easement to the Tennessee River Trust and would be left in its natural state. Possible walking trails but no development of any sort would be allowed. Sam Powell, also present, noted that part of the old Union Army trail was on this land. The members of the council accepted this generous gift subject to all the legal documents being accepted by all the parties.

Three new members of the Town of Signal Mountain Library Board were appointed.

Mayor Althaus brought everyone up to date on the 20/20 Growth Plan. Because Hamilton County and the ten towns inside the county could not come to an agreement, representatives of each of these entities went to Nashville to present their cases to a panel of three judges. Knox County was in another room going through the same process but at the end of the day they settled their dispute. Because the town of Walden and the town of Signal Mountain cannot resolve their differences they had to return to the judges for more arbitration. Finally four options were presented. One is to use the growth plan approved in December 1999. The second and third involve negotiations concerning Fox Run going to either Walden or Signal Mountain. And the fourth, presented by Walden that all land east of Hwy 27 become part of Signal Mountain and all land across the highway be part of Walden with a small corridor remaining available to Signal so that it could grow along the plateau. It is the Mayor’s feelings that the judges will choose one of these four plans and not try and come up with a fifth plan. These options are posted at the Town Hall.

Finally, during new business, Councilmember Rachel Bryant suggested that the members of the different recreation leagues present their budgets earlier than in previous years. Hershel Dick, town manager, agreed to contact Scott Cook, Recreation Director, so that he can get these budgets from the different leagues and back to the council by the February meeting. Councilmember, Bob Steel expressed his concern that non-residents are allowed to serve on the different league boards putting them in a position to request money from the Town of Signal Mountain.
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