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published on 09/07/2001

Town of Signal Mountain Official Minutes of Special Work Session, August 20, 2001

Town Recorder

The Town Council of the Town of Signal Mountain held a special called work session on Monday August 20, 2001, at 5:30 p.m. in the Town Hall. Those present were:

Mayor James H Althaus
Vice-Mayor Robert Steel
Councilmember Rachel Bryant
Councilmember Steve Ruffin
Councilmember Billy Steele

Also present: Town Manager Hershel Dick
Town Attorney Joe Wagner
Recorder Diana Campbell
See list at bottom for additional people

Mayor Althaus called the work session to order. He introduced the Town Manager, Hershel Dick, the Town Recorder, Diana Campbell, and each of the Department Heads: Larry Eddings, Public Safety Director, William Sanders, Director of Utilities and Park and Recreation Maintenance, Art Parry, Town Engineer and Head of the Public Works Department and Sanitation Department, Bill Wagner, Building Inspector and Head of the Recycle Center, Connie Pierce, Librarian, Karen Shropshire, Head of the Mountain Arts Community Center and Scott Cook, Head of the Recreation Department.

The property tax increase was discussed first. The Recorder explained the property tax increase information, which had been made available to the citizens. It included a copy of the budget that was published in the paper, and two worksheets that estimated the effect of the increase through the year 2007. A lengthy discussion followed with the citizens asking various questions of the Council and commenting on the tax increase. In response to a citizenís question to the two new members, Councilmember Bryant stated that she thought the Town needed the increase and Councilmember Ruffin said the Town needed the increase. Several citizens made suggestions for raising revenue including charging impact fees, selling the mulch that is given away, having a yard sale, operating an ice cream truck, or some type of money making business. The Council agreed to check into the legality of charging impact fees or engaging in a profit making venture.

Next, the Recorder explained the information given out on the water rate increase which included a worksheet showing the revenue and expenditures for the year 2002 with the current rate and with the projected 10% rate increase, a worksheet that showed Signal Mountainís current and proposed rate compared with seven other utility districts, and a worksheet showing the projected water and sewer rates on the quarterly billing basis. The Council and citizens then discussed the water rate increase.

The Recorder then briefly explained the information for the sewer rate increase. The worksheets included a summary of the revenue and expenditures for the current rate and then six various other rates, a schedule of major debt service, and a worksheet comparing the Townís sewer rates to other towns. A lengthy discussion of the rate increase followed. The Council and Town Manager answered the citizensí questions and offered explanations.

The work session was adjourned.



Those attending the August 20, 2001, meeting:
Irby Park
John Houstrup
Paul and Kay Pearce
Amy S. Mildram
Connie Pierce
Larry Eddings
Mark and Pris Shartle
Vivian Cook
Ed Garbee
Terry Cook
Karen Shropshire
Ronnie Williams
George Smith
Hunter Swink
Anne Leonard
Briant L. Wade
Helen M. Wade
Paul G. Phillips
Bob Linehart
Gary Carlson
Blake Young
Milou Young
Steve McDonough
Susan Jones
Joe Dumas
Cheree Dumas
Bob Anderson
Greg Goodgame
Cay and Anne Ozburn
Niels Vernegaard
Patricia Avisto
Uno Avisto
Mary Seay
Steve McGann
Linda McGann
Emilie Powell
Margo Gardner
Silas Robertson
Jo Kellum
Pauline Ragan
Owen Leslie
Paul Zwicknagel
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