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published on 04/11/2006

Town Begins Annexing Process

By staff writer

The regular meeting of the Signal Mountain Town Council was held Monday, April 10th at 7:00 PM. Mayor Bill Leonard opened the meeting and the town recorder Sherry Morrison called roll noting that only Vice-mayor and Councilmember Steve Ruffin was absent as he was out of town.

Over fifty people attended the meeting including Chief Bo Veal, Captain Jim Frazey, from the SM Police and Fire Departments; Dan Saieed, chairman of the Planning Commission, other members of that commission; five or six land-owners/developers, students from Mrs. Skates civics class at Red Bank High School, and interested citizens.

The first order of business was the presentation of young members of the local wrestling team, which is a part of the TN Wrestling Federation by Councilmember Robert White. Presented were county and district champion Nick Bullard and county champion Isaac White. Also presented were John Bryant and his brother Patrick, both of whom came in second as well as first grader Vance Rubio who came in fourth place in the county-wide tournament. Not present but also placing in the tournament were brothers Mathew and Patrick Oellerich.

Resolutions which passed included surface repairs to tennis courts, extending the Town’s water contract, and three requests to the Planning Commission to study proposed plan of services. “This is the first step to annexing the proposed parcels,” according to Mayor Leonard.

Two ordinances were passed on the first reading. The first pertained to the change in salary of the Signal Mountain judge and the second changes the code relative to street obstruction. After passing on second reading at the next meeting trees, shrubs, signs, or other obstructions to traffic view at intersections will be prohibited. Councilmember Lizetta Paturalski asked for confirmation from the town manger, Diana Campbell that citizens be warned and offered the opportunity to correct the obstruction before the town removes it.

Mayor Leonard suspended the meeting and called for a Public Hearing on the last ordinance to be presented that evening. This ordinance amends the zoning ordinance, which according to Phil Noblett, the town attorney, all such revisions must be passed through an ordinance according to state law. Planning Commission chairman, Dan Saieed gave a brief history and update of the proposed zoning change noting that the entire commission voted unanimously to recommend this change. Phil Noblett then explained to all that the changes in zoning apply only to the Shackleford Ridge undeveloped area, all of which is currently within the town limits. Discussion followed and the ordinance passed on first reading with one dissenting vote. For details or questions, call the Town Hall or speak to someone on the Planning Commission.

Police Chief Bo Veal and Fire Captain Jim Frazey spoke in response to concerns over the 911 Call Center. Each assured all that calls made to the center are going to the Sheriff’s Department and not the city of Chattanooga dispatchers. And they added that the dispatchers have dropped no calls since initiating the contract last year.

Under citizens’ opportunity to address the council, Glenn Baird thanked Caption Frazey and Chief Veal for the many times his family called 911 during his father’s illness and the quick response after each call. Linda McLean, a resident of Old Towne presented a list of things that needed repaired or removed within the neighborhood. One concern, also expressed by Dr. Paul Nolan was the damage being done to the road and trolley tracks on James Boulevard by the construction of the new Alexian Village condo’s. Councilmember White noted that the tracks are part of the designation of the Signal Mountain Historic District and are protected.

Mayor Leonard announced that plans are beginning for the Annual Fourth of July Parade, reminded people of a called meeting to discuss the intersection at the CVS Pharmacy, and then made note of the empty chair once occupied by long-time resident and reporter for the, Irby Park who passed away and will be missed. He extended the Town’s condolences to Irby’s family.

The meeting ended at 9:25 pm. The next regular meeting of the Signal Mountain Town Council is Monday, May 8 at 7:00 pm in the Town Hall.
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